Some otherwise smart people (not in this interview, but IRL) have jumped on this bandwagon of insanity. All I have to say is – Aside from the fact that you’re all insane and that he was born in America, at least he WON his election and didn’t have the Supreme Court gift it to him.

Ok – I have more to say.

Dear Republicans,

I didn’t like your last President. But I like him a hell of a lot more than I  did now that you’ve unleashed your talking heads without their medications. When we complained about the Iraq war – you called us unpatriotic. When we complained about violations of civil liberties – you called us crazy. When we raised our voices against torture – you called us terrorist sympathizers. When we complained about warrentless wiretapping – you showed us your fear and told us that safety meant less rights.

When your last guy got a one time deal from the high court that was so egregious and dirty that the high court itself put a “one time only” clause in the ruling – we gritted our teeth and bitched and took it.

Then your Congress, Senate and White House fucked most everything up – and you lost control due to your own incompetence, greed, avarice and, lets face it, wrong headed ideological rectal-cranial inversion.

So … now this … silliness.

I realize that ya’ll think that Jack Bauer is a real guy. I realize that you have a problem with thinks like “evidence” and “facts” and “proof” because they never seem to match what you want reality to be. I realize that the phrase “Reality has a liberal bent” makes you want to scream and finally give up the control that keeps you from hunting immigrants – but this … this birth certificate thing …

This makes you look petty, stupid and flatly fucking batshit crazy.

You’re making politics a lot less fun,

J.M. Bell