Last night the South Carolina once again proved the point that only Democrats are punishable for cheating on their spouses and causing a national waste of what should be important news time.

The State

After nearly four hours of discussion Monday evening, leaders of the South Carolina Republican Party voted to censure Gov. Mark Sanford, reprimanding him for secretly leaving the state to visit his lover in Argentina.

While the vote reveals how the state’s GOP leadership feels about the scandal, it has no practical effect on whether the governor remains in office.

A censure … the horror …. the horror …

I’m assuming, after reading the article, that had he cheated on his wife and disappeared for a few days, but stayed in South Carolina, that everything would be just fine. Or, going further – that if he’d told people he was going to Argentina to cheat on his wife, instead of keeping it a secret, he also would have been fine. I’m unsure, based on the wording, which is the most important part of the sentence – “secret” or “leaving the state.”

The acrobatic ease with which the GOP applies the double standard is a disgusting wonder to behold. The Newt Gingrich tradition is alive and well in the modern Republican’t party.

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