I wrote earlier about a poll that Dave Clark had on his “blog” about redistricting. He obviously expected to be visited by sycophants and instead heard from real Utahns, so, like any Utah Republican’t – he removed the poll because his point of view was getting waffle stomped.

Way to keep the “run and hide” traditions of the Utah Republican’t Party alive and kicking, Dave.

Here’s my earlier post

Speaker Clark from the Utah Legislature is hosting a little poll on his website.

Of the organizations listed below, which to you feel is best suited to conduct redistricting after the 2010 census?

The Governor
The Legislature
A Commission
The State Supreme Court

Take a moment – Left, right or in denial – but take a moment and vote in Speaker Clark’s poll – VOTE HONESTLY – don’t game it, don’t cheat it. Let him see that the majority of Utah Citizens want the opposite of what he wants – an independent commission.

See? See how the mean ol’ liberal was disrespectful? Exactly, me either. Last count before Rep. Dave Chicken pulled his poll was 78 for a commission vs. 11 for anything else. Bawk, bawk, bawk.