From Talking Points Memo comes a list of the biggest social media fails so far this year by members of the GOP. It’s kinda funny, kinda disturbing – and a total fail.

From the TPM Blog

Do Republicans need to reconsider social networking? The GOP launched off the year with Twitter as the killer app that was going lead the party back to a Web 2.0 new majority. Mostly though, it’s generated a series of train-wrecks, embarrassments and operatives having to apologize for using their Twitter accounts for racist jokes.

Heh. On a list of wacky-thumbed racist and/or ignorance -Utah’s own Mark Shurtleff makes the list in 6th place with his amusing screwing up of any opportunity to back away from the Senate race to run for Governor next year.

Utah Attorney General Mark Shurtleff (R) accidentally Twittered a public announcement that he was challenging incumbent Sen. Robert Bennett for the Republican nomination — he thought he was sending private text-messages to a friend.

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