Oh, those pesky unions and their support for the American working class. The benefits from Unions are everywhere, but the Republican’t noise machine hates that sort of thing.

“Benefits – meh – benefits aren’t for the top 1% of Americans! Those are the only folks who should benefit from governmental/private sector assistance!”.

If you’re unemployed, the AFL-CIO has a few resources for you.


When we launched the Unemployment LifeLine, it had information about more than 50,000 resources for unemployed people. Since then, the LifeLine has kept growing—we’ve added more than 10,000 food banks, health clinics, senior centers and aid organizations. Now we’re adding a whole new kind of resource—live people.

Every day, the Unemployment LifeLine’s “Ask an Expert” will feature a community services staffer visiting the LifeLine’s discussion forums to answer your questions and give advice for your situation. We know that’s important because everyone’s situation is unique; there are no one-size-fits-all solutions.

Ask an Expert

The Unemployment LifeLine is now more than a lifeline to 60,000 resources for unemployed people. More than a lifeline connecting you to people in your situation, and information about how to get back on your feet. Now you can go to the Unemployment LifeLine and get answers from a community services expert with years of experience helping people find the help they need. Click here to ask an expert