From the Fair Boundaries website:

In 2001, The Wall Street Journal named Utah one of the most gerrymandered states in the nation. Fair Boundaries, a non-partisan organization, believes that in a true Democracy voters pick their leaders, not the other way around. It is our civic duty to make sure Utah’s representatives are accountable to the populations they serve, and that quality candidates have a fair chance to challenge incumbents.

Voters picking their leaders, rather than elected officials picking their voters.

Gerrymandering is legal, but still constitutes one of the most prevalent and widely used forms of election fraud in our system, to date.  The process allows elected officials to be the solitary voice in drawing district boundaries, which they do with their own re-election in mind, not effective representation of like values and locals.

Take one look at Utah’s congressional district boundaries and you can see that lines were drawn not based on demographics, economic similarities, or community values, but upon ensuring that strongholds of one party greatly dilute voters blocks of the other.  Utah’s current boundaries are the standing legacy of a power grab, not common sense representation.

And now we have a chance to right the wrong that made the Wall Street Journal cry foul Fair Boundaries.  Here’s how to get involved.