Today was the deadline for State Governors to accept or reject federal stimulus funds and guess who decided to accept EVERY LAST PENNY of the stimulus money?

Gov. Bobby Jindal, Gov. Sarah Palin and Gov. Mark Sanford.

You might recall that these GOP chuckleheads have been speechifying (endlessly, it seemed) on the strong Republican’t stance they were taking against acceptance of the stimulus money. Turns out they were lying.

HuffPo has the story –

The decision by a host of conservative governors to accept the entire portion of the stimulus package destined for their states would seem, on the surface, to put them on thin ice with party activists who had cheered their opposition to the president’s spending priorities.

But several high-ranking Republican strategists are giving the party’s rising stars — including Govs. Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal and Mark Sanford — a pass, arguing that voters ultimately won’t judge these potential presidential candidates on whether or not they took the stimulus cash.