I’m pretty sick of the babble on how small an ammount the hundreds of millions in PERFORMANCE BONUSES are compared to the hundreds of BILLIONS that have been wasted by AIG already. Are you KIDDING ME?

I’m also pretty sick of often the blue collar union folks and the dirty white collars of middle class workers are asked to cut and cut and cut and cut to save the skins of their companies from the dumbass executives that are so very, very good at destroying them

Rep. Gary Peters –

“In my Congressional district in Michigan, there are thousands of UAW employees who have employment contracts, and they’ve been told they need to renegotiate those contracts and make concessions to justify taxpayer investments. There are thousands of white collar employees with employment contracts who have forgone promised bonuses and benefits and have taken pay cuts in order to save the companies they work for. People are sick of this double standard where working class and middle class workers are treated differently than the financial industry executives.”

It is good to feel outrage. It is good to feel anger. It is good to point at a Republican Congressperson or a Blue Dog and say – “You did this. You’re responsible.” It is good to point to a Republican in your tax bracket and ask them, at the loudest your voice can go – “Why do you keep screwing yourself by voting for people who shit all over you every chance they get?!?”

(h/t – Crooks and Liars)