Set aside the silliness that is Rep. Frank’s chronic non-binding resolution writing. While it may be a gigantic waste of time, the only up side of Rep. Frank’s uninspired, unimaginative and risible interpretation of a “what a lawmaker does” his NBR’s wont cost the state anything on court costs because they’re an unconstitutional law. Just an incredibly banal waste of time. Set it aside.

Rep. Frank wants to join the big boy’s club and run a bill next year.

Rep. Frank wants to raise your taxes, because you don’t follow the Word of Wisdom.

Rep. Frank wants to tax caffeine.

Rep Frank and I are now mortal foes.

CAFFEINE? Are you OUT OF YOUR MIND? Do you have any idea how frustrated I am that I don’t live in your district and can’t run against you with my new found DIET COKE FROM MY COLD, DEAD HANDS! campaign theme? I would crush you.

From the Trib:

Have a Coke and a tax.

That’s what Rep. Craig Frank wants his colleagues in the Legislature to consider.

Frank, R-American Fork, has asked lawmakers over the next year to study the potential for taxing caffeine, a response to proposals this session to hike the tax on cigarettes – all of which failed.

Frank said his intent initially was just to target caffeinated sodas and other cold beverages, but he has decided to look at the substance more broadly.

“Some feel [the cigarette tax is] a tax on those who are addicted to a substance that frankly they enjoy [but] we say that’s a harmful thing to do.

At the same time, the government is addicted to the fee revenues,” said Frank. “So in light of that, if we’re really going to find a revenue stream on something addictive, why not cold caffeine?”

So, Craig – when you’re walking down the hall of your ward house, with your pious head held high, basking in the inner glow of self delusion that, as a GOP lawmaker you’re smarter and better than everybody else, those whispers that you hear? … that’s the Relief Society planning to drop a couch on you.