Has anyone else noticed that the more Obama does, the louder and more shrill the GOP talking heads become?

The criticism of “he’s doing too much” made me giggle at first, but now it’s starting to freak me out a little bit.

We’re not even halfway through the President’s first 100 days, yet the GOP bobblehead machine is squawking like a trodden duck that there is too much on the President’s plate and he’s a fool to try and eat it all. This does little more than prove my often mentioned opinion that Republicans are a bunch of simple minded, fear mongering cowards.

One thing at a time is no way for a President to act: that’s how we got here in the first place – by focusing not only on one thing, but on the wrong thing.

Now we have an engaged President; a man capable of some serious multitasking and the Republicans are freaking out.

The wingnuts have been exploring nonstop all kinds of gloom-and-doom scenarios that apparently are certain to envelop the American economy under President Obama’s guidance. Some of them — particularly Glenn Beck’s — are wildly over the top, but every one of them believes we truly are headed for the great national crapper.

So if you want to see wingnut heads explode like so much Scanners Popcorn, watch what happens when someone proposes the possibility that Obama’s programs might actually work.

Take, for instance, Wayne “Trapper John” Rogers this weekend on Fox’s Cashin’ In segment with Terry Keenan. When one of the guests wondered if Rogers would subsequently approve of a government bailout of GM should it turn out to actually help the economy improve, he went ballistic:

Rogers: No, but you don’t know that, and they don’t know that. Wait, wait, wait, wait. Hold on! We’ve got proof that this doesn’t work! All you’ve got to do is, everybody invokes the Depression. Go back and look at the lessons of the Depression! This does not work! And everybody knows that! So this is a stupid plan, and it’s something that you’re speculating about, that, ‘Oh, this may work.’

Sure. ‘Everybody knows that’ FDR failed. Uh-huh.

Well, as Stephen Colbert put it the other night:

Colbert: Last scenario. Mr. Moore — scariest one yet. The year is 2012. President Obama’s policies have worked. Pulling out of the Iraq War was the right thing to do. The stimulus plan has the Dow rebounding to somewhere in the 12,000 area. People’s faith in the government is restored. Stephen Moore, if this happens, what are you doing? It’s gun-in-the-mouth time for you, isn’t it?

Moore: Wait. You mean, socialism actually works?

Colbert: Socialism worked. Obama was right. The government can actually solve some problems. Is that gonna happen?

Moore: I’d have to rethink everything I believe in.

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