Why find another when you’ve got one right there?

Warchol has a great round-up of Greg Curtis still doing his god-damnedest to ruin Utah for everybody but his client list.

A chunk of park land on the Jordan River that also happens to be a priceless archaeological site was set for permanent preservation last summer for the joy of you, me and our children. Unfortunately, then-House Speaker Greg Curtis stepped in to blow up the deal on behalf of a developer he represented. For details, go to Loomis’ story.

In delaying the preservation deal, Curtis told the Natural Resources Department chief Mike Styler:

I’m calling today not as Speaker Greg Curtis, but as attorney Greg Curtis.

As if any state bureaucrat could forget that the guy he is talking to has the power to trash his department’s budget.

And, my favorite bit –

When Gehrke approached Curtis at the Capitol for comment and some insight into the Jordan River deal, Curtis told him:

Go find another f ****** boogeyman.

Ah, Greg – still a f****** douche-bag after all.