And I still have to wonder why we don’t have a state full of nanny-cams since the GOP in Utah seems to think we can’t function without their hand holding and constant intervention to stop, say, free agency and personal liberty.

An attack on small to medium businesses that serve food and adult beverages TO ADULTS has cleared another hurdle in the Utah Republican Legislature. In what bizzaro-world do these legislators get to call themselves conservatives? Utah.

Standard NET

Senate panel approves hiding restaurant bartenders

SALT LAKE CITY — A Utah Senate committee has approved a bill that would hide the preparation of alcoholic drinks behind 10-foot-high walls in restaurants and make it illegal to appear drunk.

Sen. John Valentine, R-Orem, says Senate Bill 187 is intended to eliminate anything resembling a bar in restaurants.

His measure also would redefine what it means to be intoxicated in Utah, gutting a Utah Supreme Court ruling that said simply being a drunk is not a crime. Under Valentine’s bill, it would be illegal for anyone to look like they are drunk.

The bill passed unanimously on Friday. It will now be debated on the Senate floor.

The only punchline more of joke than your calling yourselves Republicans is the fact that voters in Utah think that you’re Republicans. I think you’re all just a giant bucket of pointless.