I’m a big fan of Troy, his blog and his work with RadioActive.

I know that he’s been under considerable distress during the last few weeks as people that he know (people that I know, as well) have basically thrown him and his under the bus of false-Christianity, bigotry, hate and deception. Sometimes it’s hard to wrap your head around the ignorance and energetic intolerance of those with whom you had a relationship and I feel for Troy – and I’m proud of him, too.

Queer Gnosis:

Scott Sommerdorf_The Salt Lake Tribune Okay. So I’ve been asked to talk about my third throw down with Gayle Ruzicka. On Friday morning I attended Senator Waddoup’s press conference on the fate of Chris Buttars. Now I suppose being the producer of RadioActive I’m supposed to have all of those objective journalistic impartial ethics. But given the nature of the show, I’ve always considered myself an activist first and a journalist second. So when it was clear that Senator Waddoups was not going to engage the press with questions, I started to feel my inner rage boiling – and then all my objectivity flew out the window and I became uber gay activist and started demanding that Senator Waddoups address the gay community. He wouldn’t look me in the eye – he stuttered and stumbled over his words – and rushed out of the room with cowardly expediency.

And then after I spoke with several reporters I plopped myself down next to Gayle in the senate chambers. She was wearing her Chris Buttars pin. “So let’s talk about pig-sex Gayle. Do you know what that is?” “Troy, you know me, I don’t expose myself to pornography ever.” I responded, “Gayle, the man you support is lying about the gay community. He’s lying about me. He is telling people that gay men engage in ‘pig-sex’, where they defecate on each other during sex. Did you know he is saying these things?” “Troy,” she said, “I have never heard him say these things.” “We have the audio Gayle. You are supporting a man who is spreading lies about the gay community.”

By this time the reporters are all around us and the pictures are being snapped. “Troy, we are in the Senate chambers this is not an appropriate place to have this conversation.” “Oh, were having it Gayle, right here, right now.” She is becoming visibly uncomfortable. “If you’d like to talk about this privately, I’d be more than happy.” “Nope, Gayle, Buttars started this. He is lying about us. You are supporting a liar Gayle. Lying is immoral. Your god doesn’t speak well of liars.” She is slowly trying to work her self away from me – but the room is packed. She shouts out to the others, “Troy here used to volunteer for Eagle Forum.” “That’s right Gayle!” I responded, “I learned everything about activism from you.” And then she marched out.

That’s the best of my memory.

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There has been far too much silence on the topic of LGBT rights and it’s time to raise our voices.

There has been far too much of progressives pretending to be like the GOP and it’s time for that to stop.

There has been far too much of so-called “liberals” keeping quiet and wishing for change while our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community continue to face discrimination and a subversion of their rights as citizens of this country.

Go along to get along has never worked. It never will.

Keeping quiet or sugar-coating important issues is complicity with the unAmerican behavior of Republican lawmakers.